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We know it is difficult to find products that are specifically designed for Mogul Skiing. This page provides links and information about hard to find Mogul Skiing products.

Mogul Logic Interactive DVD


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The most complete Mogul Skiing instruction package ever created! 

  • A step by step approach to demystifying mogul skiing technique.

  • Technique is broken down into easy to follow sections including: practice drills, body position, speed control, absorption, extension, upper body position as well as  instructions on jumping technique and upright air tricks.

"This video created by Chuck Martin will have the ski instructors shaking in their boots!"

Freeskier Magazine

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 12.50.06

Zipline Poles are used by the worlds best mogul skiers. The grip and balanced swing weight make it easier to reach out early for the downhill side of the mogul in front of you. Zipline now makes many great products for skiing including great bags, goggles and Jr. Mogul Skis. 

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